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Listed below are our gift ideas, along with the current coupons we are offering. 

We are happy to create a customized gift basket designed specifically for your favorite person. Let us make gift giving a "piece of cake" for you !
The Coffee Lover:
Samples of our Lavazza coffee, Decaf & Regular, A set of Coffee Cups and Saucers, A bottle of Torani syrup and Assorted Handmade Buzz Biscotti  $25.00
The Espresso Lover:
Lavazza Espresso Whole Beans, A set of China Demitasse Cups and Saucers, A bottle of Torani Syrup, Sugar Cubes and Assorted Handmade Buzz Biscotti  $30.00
The Buzz Basket:
Lavazza Coffee, Decaf & Regular, Lavazza Espresso Beans, A set of china cups and saucers, A bottle of Torani syrup, A bottle of Torani Sauce, Assorted Mighty Leaf Tea Bags, Tea Towels, Sugar Cubes, Assorted Handmade Buzz Biscotti $50.00
All baskets can be customized with the addition of gift certificates of your denomination, coffee bean grinders, whipped cream dispensers and more !
The Sweet Life:
Platter of Assorted Bite Size Bars, Brownies, Cookies, Caramel Popcorn, Candied Nuts
Small $19.95, Medium $24.95, Large $29.95
Breakfast Tray:
Platter of assorted mini scones, fruit turnovers and muffins with McCutcheons preserves $32.95
Custom Option Ideas : you may choose one of the above listed coffee/espresso/sweet combinations, at listed price:
 - Crossword Puzzle Lover: New York Times Crossword Puzzle Book & Dictionary, Pen/Pencil $35.00 additional
- Restaurant Lover: Local Zagat's Guide, Washingtonian/Baltimore/Frederick Magazine $35.00 additional
- More Options to come but don't forget to consider adding in gift certificates from Creative Memories or Fireworks Art Cafe !

At this time The Buzz is not offering any Coupons.  Please check out the other pages of the website regarding Daily Specials or other offers.