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What is in Season ?  When is it in Season ?
The temperature is slowly rising.  Our menus reflect the season:

What's in Season in Maryland? The Complete list of all available at local farmers markets, farms, CSA's, and local groceries. Look for these fruits and vegetables at the market for the best flavor (and value) when in season. Note that specific crops and harvest dates depend on the climate of your region even within Maryland. The southern part of Maryland usually is about 2/3 weeks ahead of the northern part of the state.

Apples, Jul thru Oct                       Arugula, May thru Sep         Asparagus, May and Jun
(cold storage until spring) 

Basil, Jul thru Sep                         Beets, Jun thru Dec             Blackberries, Jul thru mid-Aug

Blueberries, Jul and Aug               Broccoli, Jun thru Nov        Broccoli raab, Aug thru Nov     

Brussels sprouts, Sep thru Nov    Cabbage, Jun thru Oct        Cantaloupes, Aug and Sep 

Carrots, Jun through Sep               Cauliflower, Aug thru Nov  Celeriac/celery rootSep    
local harvest avail from storage                                                thru Nov
through Mar)    

Celery, Aug thru Oct                       Chard, May thru Nov           Cherries, July

Chicories, Sep and Oct                  Corn, June thrru Aug           Cranberries, Oct thru Dec

Cucumbers, Jul thru Oct                Currants, Aug                      Eggplant, Jul thru Oct

Escarole, Sep and Oct                   Escarole, Sep and Oct        Fava beans, May and Jun

Fennel, Oct and Nov                      Fiddleheads, Apr and May   Garlic, Jul thru Oct
                                                                                                     (stored year-round)

Garlic scapes/green garlic,          Grapes, Sep and Oct            Green beans, Jul thru Sep  
May and June

Green onions/scallions,                Herbs, Apr thru Sep              Kale, Jun thru Nov                  
May thru Sep 
Kohlrabi, Jun and July, &               Leeks, Aug thru Dec            Lettuce, May thru Oct       
Sep and Oct 

Melons, Jul thru Oct                      Mint, spring and summer     Morels, spring

Mushrooms year-round                 Mushrooms spring thru fall  Nectarines, Aug and Sep
(cultivated)                                     (wild)      

Nettles, spring                               New Potatoes, May               Okra, Aug and Sep 

Onions, Jul thru Oct                     Oregano, Jun thru Oct           Parsley, May thru Nov
(stored in winter) 

Parsnips, April and May &            Peaches, Jul thru Sep          Pears, Aug thru Dec
Oct thru Dec
Pea greens, Apr thru Jun              Peas and pea pods,             Plums & pluots, Aug and Sep
                                                      Jun and Jul 

Potatoes, July thru Dec                Pumpkins, Sep thru Nov      Radicchio, Sep and Oct
(avail from storage year-round) 

Radishes, May thru Sep               Raspberries, Jul thru Sep    Rhubarb, May thru Jul 

Rutabagas, Aug thru Nov            Scallions/green onions,        Shelling beans, Sep thru Nov
                                                     May thru Sep

Snap peas/snow peas/pea pods,  Spinach, May thru Sep       Squash (summer), Jul thru Sep
Jun thru Sep

Squash (winter), Aug thru Dec     Strawberries, June              Thyme, May thru Sep

Tomatoes, Jul thru Sep                Turnips, Aug thru Nov          Watermelons, Aug thru Oct 
                                                     (local harvest avai from
                                                     storage thru the winter)

Zucchini, Jul thru Sep                 Zucchini Blossoms, Jun and Jul

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